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The Beginning and Background of Sports Toto

The Beginning and Background of Sports Toto

There are many ways to enjoy sports. You can even sweat on the playground yourself. You can visit the stadium or watch the players play on television. But in 2001, there was a new way to enjoy sports. Sports Toto. Sports Toto is a sports promotion voting ticket for soccer, basketball, and baseball to predict the flight number or score of a game and distribute refunds according to the results. As a kind of sports betting, it has long been prevalent in advanced sports countries such as Europe. We learned about the history of sports betting and how to enjoy Sports Toto in a healthy way.

Sports betting aid from the Hittites in 2000 BC
Roman nobles bet on tram racing, gladiators fighting.
To sum up Sports Toto in a word, it is "a sport enjoyed by the head." This is because they have to analyze their power and predict the outcome. The photo shows Kang Bong-kyu of Samsung hitting a solo home run in Game 5 of the Korean Series held in Jamsil on March 31. [Yeonhap News]
People have been constantly making bets on something. The history of sports betting also dates back to 2000 BC. In the then thriving West Asian Heat Kingdom, horse racing was held. The bronze coin hanging here is the first record related to sports betting. Since then, sports betting has begun in earnest in the Roman era. Among Roman aristocrats, money-making was very popular over tram racing and gladiator fights in the amphitheater. In Europe in the 18th century, a full-fledged game of fixed refund rates was introduced. It is a way of stipulating by law that a certain portion of the total betting amount should be refunded.
Currently, the country where sports betting has settled most successfully is the United Kingdom. England, the birthplace of soccer, began issuing soccer lottery tickets in 1923. Since the launch of the professional football league, the sports betting industry has developed rapidly. Soccer accounts for the largest portion, but it targets almost all sports, including horse racing.

Italy, which began issuing soccer lottery tickets in 1946, also boasts a history of more than 60 years of sports betting. "Totocalcio," a soccer Totocalcio, was issued shortly after World War II to help pay for the Olympic Games, and the proceeds secured funds needed to run the Rome Olympics (1960).
In Asia, sports betting is not more active than in Europe, but Hong Kong boasts the most advanced system. Hong Kong started sports betting on football in 2002, and the market is estimated to be around 26 trillion won a year. There are 109 over-the-counter sales outlets throughout Hong Kong, and mobile and Internet betting are also active.
Sports Toto in Korea was first released in October 2001. This is to raise funds and finance the development of domestic sports and the successful hosting of the Korea-Japan World Cup. The Korea Sports Promotion Foundation contributed 210 billion won to the World Cup support fund, including the World Cup Stadium Construction Fund and the operating expenses of the organizing committee, of which 160 billion won was set aside through the release of Sports Toto.

Grand Prize in Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Golf and Ssireum
To sum up Sports Toto in a word, it is "a sport enjoyed by the head." You can watch and predict your favorite sports with interest and experience thrilling matches. Because of this, people who like and are interested in sports have higher hit rates. However, not everyone can buy Sports Toto. Only those aged 19 or older are allowed to participate in the game. The Korea Sports Promotion Foundation sells Sports Toto at 6,700 stores nationwide and its official online release site ( If the prize money is small (less than 100 times), it can be refunded at the store, and in case of more than 100 times, it must be refunded at the bank (Shinhan Bank) designated by the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation.
Sports Toto has two types of games: 'Toto' and 'Protto.' Toto is a fixed refund rate method. It is targeted at games such as soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, golf, and wrestling. The game participants will vote after predicting the results of the game and receive dividends based on the actual results. 50% of sales will be refunded and the refund will be distributed according to the number of hits by rank. Proto, on the other hand, is a fixed dividend method. It is a kind of customer-selective game in which you can select only what you want from the target game. The dividend rate is set, which also shows how much money one can get refunded if the forecast is hit.

Creating a national sports fund worth more than 2 trillion won over 10 years
In a game between KB Kookmin Card's professional basketball team Incheon Electronic Land Elephants and Wonju's Dongbu Promy, Dongbu Kim Joo-sung, Benson and E-Land's Moon Tae-jong (clockwise from above) are competing for a rebound ball.
Eighty percent of the proceeds from Sports Toto's release will be funded by the National Sports Promotion Fund. The National Sports Promotion Fund will be used to expand the sports infrastructure to promote public health. It has been used to build sports infrastructure, including the construction of a national sports center and the installation of grass and urethane tracks in school playgrounds, contributing to creating an environment where all citizens can enjoy sports welfare benefits. Along with the vitalization of the Sports Toto business, the amount of money raised by the National Sports Promotion Fund is increasing every year. Over the past 10 years, more than 2 trillion won has been raised.
The Korea Sports Council is focusing on discovering and nurturing future dream trees that will succeed world-class stars such as Kim Yu-na and Park Tae-hwan. In addition, sports Toto proceeds are also being reported to the disabled.
Ten percent of the proceeds will also be delivered to sports organizations subject to the issuance of Sports Toto. Over the past decade, nine organizations, including the Korea Football Association (KFA), the Korea Basketball League (KBL), the Women's Basketball League (WKBL), the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), the Korea Women's Professional Golf Association (KLPGA), the Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA), the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO), and the Korea Ssireum Federation, have received more than 200 billion won in funds. Each competition organization is focusing on expanding youth leagues and infrastructure. In addition, unpopular stocks such as judo, taekwondo, table tennis, tennis, and handball regularly receive benefits from Toto's profits every year.

Betting up to 100,000 won at a time, allowing only 19 years old or older
It is often a failure to use overseas betting sites or illegal private betting companies. Under the current law, it is a criminal act to purchase from overseas editorials or illegal sports betting sites. Violations will be subject to up to three years in prison or 20 million won in fines. In addition, the operation, brokerage, mediation and abetting of illegal sports betting sites are also criminal activities, and violations will result in up to three years in prison or 15 million won in fines.
Sports Toto can bet up to 100,000 won per game. Compared to countries introducing sports betting abroad, the ceiling on purchases is very strict. In fact, Greece has a purchase limit of 30,000 euros (about 4.2 million won), 25,000 kronet (about 4.38 million won), 1,000 euros (about 1.4 million won) in Germany and 50,000 Hong Kong dollars (about 6.9 million won) in Hong Kong.
Separately, there is also a system to prevent high-value bets. Even if the store participates in the game, the machine is designed not to automatically operate for one minute if more than 1 million won is betted in 10 minutes. In addition, even if 300,000 won is released in one minute with the same combination, the release will be blocked for one minute.
The case of the participants' favorite prototype game is more stringent. In this case, the game consists of three numbers of wins, draws, and losses, and if more than 1 billion won (or more than 500 million won) is sold in one combination, the game is no longer allowed to participate. Such regulations are not found in other countries where sports betting is being conducted.

If you know the team's power and winning percentage, you'll get a hit.
They should take an interest in the sport and develop an eye for the entire field. It is hard to expect a high hit rate if a team simply wins or if a player participates in the game with vague expectations that he or she will do well.
Take an example of soccer Toto's stewardess game, for example, which is expected to tie 14 games together. Although it is difficult to get all of them right compared to other games, it is very popular because when the results of 14 games are all right, you can expect a pretty high profit.
In this game, it is important to understand the characteristics of each league. Among the three major European leagues, the English Premier League is an average league. High stability. This means that the team with strong power is likely to win as expected. Italy's Serie A, on the other hand, often sees a draw. In the case of the Spanish Primera Liga, there are many games where the draw is not high and the win or loss is divided, but extraordinary games occur.  토토사이트 
It is also important to note that the situation varies from beginning to end of the season. With the start of the new season, each league, including Europe and Korea, will see changes in power, including player transfers and manager transfers. In particular, the European League, which has an elevator system, will be joined by newly promoted teams. All of these variables must be carefully monitored to increase the hit rate.
Advantages of Sports Toto

History of sports betting

History of sports betting
The ancient records of betting through sports are not accurate. Looking at some traces, it is assumed that bets through competing sports, such as running or throwing stones, have been made today. If you look at the existing records, you can find records of sports betting in the Kingdom of Hittites around 4000 B.C.

Since when has sports betting been in our lives?
I'm sure everyone who's done sports betting has had this kind of curiosity at least once.
Today, we will have a time to learn about the history of sports betting.

The Origin of Sports Batting
records on the history of sports betting
The ancient records of betting through sports are not accurate. Looking at some traces, it is assumed that bets through competing sports, such as running or throwing stones, have been made today. If you look at the existing records, you can find records of sports betting in the Kingdom of Hittites around 4000 B.C. It has been said that the Hittite Kingdom used to enjoy sports betting on bronze coins on horse racing.

The Origin of Dividend Rates and the Appearance of Sports Bookmakers
In the 1700s, sports betting began to take shape. As a typical example, the name 'Bookmaker' was first applied to horse racing in the 18th century. The bookmaker was in charge of setting the dividend rate for the game and distributing the betting paper directly at the sports betting site through manual rather than electronic methods as it is now.
The Birth of a Fixed Rate Game
In 1864, the framework of sports betting began to take full root. Joseph Oller of France has invented a fixed rate system that shares dividends according to the results of the game, which is the origin of today's Toto. Oller was also patented in France in 1868.

The Changing Process of Modern Sports Batting
The emergence of the soccer league and the development of the betting industry
In 1885, the professional soccer league began in England. In the early 1900s, hundreds of soccer clubs were formed and the English Premier League was first launched in 1993. Since then, with the growing popularity of soccer, sports have begun to be commercialized in earnest, and at the same time, the sports betting industry has also made great strides. And by the end of the 20th century, sports could be watched in real time, and the sports betting industry literally went through a revival.

The Birth of Toto Crew Game
It is gaining huge popularity in Korea, and among the popular soccer Toto games, the method of guessing the results of 13 games was first started in Sweden. This method is called a "strick-tip set," and later when it moved to Italy, "TOTOCALCIO" was created to support the Italian national team for the 1948 London Olympics, and the name "TOTO" began to be known around the world.
In October 1986, a fixed dividend game called 'Oset' first appeared in Sweden. No patent application has been made for this Odset method, and it has been spread to 50 companies in 30 countries in Europe and is widely used. In the domestic market, 'Protto game' and 'Protto record' games are also being sold.  라이브스코어
So far, we have learned about the history and development of sports betting. As many people around the world enjoy sports betting, I hope it's been a good time to find out what kind of origins it has developed.